Product Name:ST-DZ520 Small digging machine
Wholesale Price:$1
Wholesale Quantity:3X(single)


Gasoline engine model:1E44F-5   two-stroke

Gasoline engine type: air cooledsingle cylindertwo-stroke

Gear box configuration: Using gear two speed, the rotation of the bearing

Driving mode: adjustable speed drive by gear

Drilling speed: 200-400r/min

Emissions: 50cc

Maximum power: 1.25-1.9kw/7000r/min

Starting mode: Recoil starting by hand

Fuel ratio:(Two stroke gasoline : oil mixture)1:25

Fuel tank capacity:1.0L

net weight(not include drilling bit): 11kg

Drill diameter : 80100150200250300mm

package size: 620*400*300mm

This product is a ideal tool for contemporary afforestation, desert greening, fence pile engineering, road engineering management, ice drilling operation, landscape protection and vineyards construction etc.


1、Using real 2T(two-stroke)FC grade engine oil. Strictly prohibited to use 4T (four-stroke)oil.

2、Prohibited the use of pure gasoline

3、In strict accordance with the ratio of 25 : 1 (1 liters of gasoline against 40 ml of oil). Run out of mixed oil that day, Mixed oil deteriorate into red can not be used.

4、New machine can not be used in high speed. Low running for 3 hours(Equal to times of 5 pot sof oil).

5、Want to have a longer life for the machine,  please every half an hour to rest for 10 minutes

6、Strictly prohibited to shutting down the engine when it is at high speed. Otherwise it would be difficult for the next starting.

7、When feeling abnormal machine vibration, please immediately stop to check damage or breakage, loosening or eccentric.

8、strictly prohibited to use on the grass with rubble.

9、Drills have a strict size limit, strictly prohibited to  unauthorized modification or use the increased number of bits. If you need other types of drill bits, can contact us directly.

10、Remove the spark plug and muffler carbon deposition,  replace the oil filter, add gear oil to the gear box every 50 hours.

11、Do not dismantle privately when you have any problem, please contact with us.

12、Safety considerations:

A、safety of person: strictly prohibited to add gasoline in the room, take strict precautions against fire. When the machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to close to the drill bit for hands and feet.  You must close the machine when Cleanor inspect the machine.

B、Safety of machinery: You must clean up debris on the lawn before starting the machine in order to ensure safe operation.

13、If you do not use the machine for a long time , you should poured the remaining fuel out, then start the machine and burn the fuel fully.

14、If you want to make the machine more stable and have longer life, please regular maintenance (see instructions)



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